Next-Gen Managed Service Practice on AWS

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Next-Gen Managed Service Practice on AWS

Protect Customer data with simple, secure, and scalable seamless backup, archival, and DR for numerous workloads to AWS, backed with InfoFabrica Unified Managed Backup & Data Protection Service to AWS.

As the first AWS Storage Competency Partner in APAC, InfoFabrica integrates the world leading cloud platform and backup technology, AWS & Druva, with value-added unified managed services featuring next-gen capabilities

Strategic Decision with Executive Dashboard
Proactive Change Management
IT Automation (Next-Gen ITSM Platform)
Artificial Intelligence Predictive Maintenance
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Cloud Native Workloads
  • Data Centre Workloads (VMware, Linux, Microsoft)
  • Virtualized Platform (vSphere, Hyper-V)
  • Databases (SQL Server, Oracle)
  • Storage (NAS - CIFS & SMB)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SalesForce, Slack, G Suite, Microsoft 365, Workstation endpoints)
How it works

Featuring the Next-Gen service platform capabilities, InfoFabrica Unified Managed Backup & Data Protection Service to AWS with Druva will simplify Customer’s Data Protection process and provides a flexible and affordable Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Unified Managed service in the cloud for Customer’s mission-critical applications.

The solution is scalable and infrastructure agnostic, integrating effortlessly with both production and failover environments. It can adapt to future requirements without the need to re- architect Customer disaster recovery systems. The overall service integrates with InfoFabrica's proprietary Managed Backup Platform, allowing InfoFabrica team to streamline an agile process of running the daily monitoring of Customer backup, DR, and data protection service. It features Infrastructure-as-a-Code modules, Configuration Management process, AI-backed predictive maintenance, API-based reporting, Playbooks Configuration, and Dynamic Inventory.

Customer can take advantage of these advanced capabilities with cost-efficient pay-per-use pricing and no minimum contract term, backed with protected SLA.

Highly Available

Assurance of a proven and advanced backup technology, backed with managed backup platform. If Customer lose local data Customer can immediately start a restore from InfoFabrica cloud.

Simple, Secure, Scalable

Assurance of a proven and advanced backup technology, backed with managed backup platform. If Customer lose local data Customer can immediately start a restore from InfoFabrica cloud.

Performance & Flexibility

Best-in-class hardware and software components deliver rapid recovery time, in accordance with monitored SLA & compliance. Customer will enjoy a fixed fee per month for a secure DR Solution without the need to manage the software and hardware of the sites.

Key Activities


InfoFabrica Consultants will start by identifying Customer business challenges, business drivers and strategy to gain a clear understanding of Customer current Data Protection infrastructure including the surrounding applications and technical requirements.


InfoFabrica will analyse the data collected from Phase 2, identify risks involved and come up reference architecture and roadmap aligned to customer’s Backup / Data Protection business requirements.

Data Collection

Discover, inventory, and assess the customer’s current infrastructure, capacity and utilization; Understand current performance sizing requirement and future business growth requirement.


Outlines a plan to move forward with an optimized Managed Backup process and approach. The assessment result will be provided and presented to business owners, IT personnel and stakeholders and provide the best practices and recommendations to integrate and streamline as Unified Managed Backup & Data Protection to AWS.

About InfoFabrica

InfoFabrica Unified Next-Gen Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery as-a-Service Platform Customer can leverage InfoFabrica in-depth technical expertise to help Customer organization transition to new backup & disaster recovery on AWS. InfoFabrica integrates and streamline the process and minimize tedious planning and various process saving Customer time and money with the proven methodologies utilizing world-leading cloud and backup platform, AWS & Druva, with our proprietary Unified Managed Backup Platform.

As part of added value services on top of the platform, InfoFabrica Unified Managed Backup & DR consulting offering includes end-to-end consulting and integration process of the solution. InfoFabrica considers the best approach to tackle each of Customer's requirements and will integrate end-to-end backup process, streamlining heterogenous supported workload components.

Service Highlights

  • InfoFabrica will help scope, assess, and recommend the suitable approach aligned to Customer business requirements. Enables Customers to build agile, resilient, and cost-effective Data Protection strategy.